The free-wheeling spirit of the past meets the hustle and fun of today – Does it get much better than the latest iteration of the Beetle? Learn more about how this model is re-revolutionizing life on the road for so many drivers!
2015 VW Beetle

2016 Beetle serving Katy TX

2016 Beetle serving Sugar Land TX

2016 Beetle S

2016 Beetle

2016 Beetle SE

2017 Beetle serving Katy TX

2017 Beetle S


Top down, sun in… whether you’re on your way to work or the beach, you know how to let the fun in when you’re driving an Eos. But what else does this striking model have to offer. Learn all about it here:
2015 VW Eos


What sets the Jetta apart from other sedan options on the market today? A tradition of comfort and quality is only the beginning. Find out about all the cool tech and convenience features that give the Jetta its edge.
2015 VW Jetta

2016 Jetta serving Katy TX

2016 Jetta Trim Comparison

2016 Jetta Trim 1.4T S

2016 Jetta Trim 1.4T SE

2016 Jetta

2016 Jetta GTI

2017 Jetta

2017 Jetta SE

2017 Jetta GLI


A gold standard for reliable, stylish sedans everywhere, the Passat has earned its massive popularity the old-fashioned way: by being the best option across a variety of driver considerations, and wowing with comfort and technology that’s a cut above.
2015 VW Passat

2016 Passat

2016 Passat Trim Comparison

2016 Passat S

2016 Passat 1.8T SE

2017 Passat 1.8T SE

2017 Passat serving Katy TX

2017 Passat R-Line

2017 Passat SEL Premium


The multiple-award winning Golf sure does shine up there at the top, and if you’re a fan of the hatchback style you’re going to want to seat yourself in the captain’s chair of the latest Golf model. Find out all the reasons why as we dive into the details:
2015 VW Golf

2016 Golf serving Katy TX

2016 Golf

2016 Golf SE

2016 Golf 4-Door SE

Golf GTI

Love the Golf but want to step it up in the performance department? Look no further than the Golf GTI, your action-packed ticket to excitement on the road no matter where you’re headed. Make every journey an adventure in the Golf GTI.
2015 Golf GTI

2016 Golf GTI

2016 Golf GTI Trim Comparison

2016 Golf GTI S 2DR

2016 Golf GTI S with Performance Package

2017 Golf GTI

2017 Golf GTI Sport

Golf R

Okay, we know we said “Look no further than the Golf GTI,” when it comes to performance, but in fact you actually could. The Golf R is racing-inspired unstoppability at its finest, and if you’re an driving enthusiast that’s not messing around, this might just be where the buck stops.
2015 Golf R

2016 Golf R 6 Speed

2016 Golf R DDC

Golf Sportwagen

You need extra space without sacrificing get-up-and-go? Don’t let them tell you it can’t be done! We’ve got your perfect, most versatile solution yet right here: The Golf SportWagen. Learn all about it:
2015 Golf Sportswagen

2016 Golf SportWagen

2016 Golf SportWagen S

2016 Golf SportWagen

2016 Golf SportWagen SE


The luxury experience doesn’t have to come at the expense of your life savings, and the Volkswagen CC proves it. Tons of features, outstanding comfort, and performance that inspires… all for a price you’ll love. Find out more and see our inventory here:
2015 CC

2016 CC

2016 CC Sport

2017 CC V6 Executive

2016 CC


So, you’re looking for a compact crossover – Join the club! But more importantly, join the club that’s wise to what’s possible: impressive performance that comes standard without sacrificing efficiency or comfort. The Tiguan’s got you covered.
2015 Tiguan

2016 Tiguan

2016 Tiguan Trim Comparison

2016 Tiguan S

2016 Tiguan SE

2017 Tiguan

2017 Tiguan Wolfsburg


Want to step up your crossover game with even more capability and top tech and convenience amenities? How about a boatload of advanced safety features? It’s time you took a look at all the Volkswagen Touareg has to offer.
2015 VW Touareg

2016 Touareg

2016 Touareg serving Katy TX

2016 Touareg V6 Sport

2016 Touareg serving Katy TX

2016 Touareg V6 LUX

Beetle Convertible

Take it out with the top down or up. Either way, you can experience many of the same thrills found in the Beetle, but this time with the wind flowing through your hair.
2015 Beetle Convertible

2016 Beetle Convertible